Matthew Jukes’ On The NDV and GR/M

by Brash Higgins

UK wine scribe Matthew Jukes loves the Brash Nero d’Avola and Grenache/Mataro. Here’s what he wrote recently for Wine Rules:
2012 Brash Higgins NDV, McLaren Vale
“Brad Hickey has nailed the elusive Nero d’Avola variety in 2012. The aroma is celestial with hilariously fruity cherry and raspberry notes overlaying an espresso bean and mocha core. The texture is ultra silky and the finish disconcertingly refreshing. As always with this heroic Southern Italian/Sicilian variety there is an element of ‘steel fist in velvet glove’ going on, because it packs a stealthy punch, so take care while supping this fabulously alluring creature. It’s worth noting that, in my job as a UK based wine taster, I see a lot of Italian versions of this variety but I cannot remember one as magical and compelling as this. Along the flavour-trail you will find an infinite array of descriptors, here are a couple for you to track down – Morello cherries, red liquorice, fresh lavender, rhubarb stalks, salted caramels and potting mix.”

2012 Brash Higgins GR/M, McLaren Vale
“McLaren Vale Grenache is and iconic style of Aussie red wine. Having said this, Grenache often enjoys the company of other grapes and Mataro (Mourvèdre) is its best buddy. Full-bodied, swarthy, swaggering and unapologetically masculine, this hefty red wine shows surprising degree of polish and charm given its textural finesse and aromatic delicacy. Brad Hickey shows his love to the grape in this superbly suave wine and I am certain that it will bring more people into the Grenache fold.”
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