London-21st Century Vino


Join Brash Higgins and other exciting Aussie producers in London Sept 29 for 21st Century Vino, a tasting of wines made with Italian varietals imported into Oz by the Chalmers family; 21stCenturyVino
21st Century Vino is all about celebrating the quality and diversity of Australian wine.

The 21st Century Vino concept tracks and encourages Australian wine’s evolution beyond an homogeneous approach, one focused on a handful of mostly French varieties grown in almost every region, to a more regional, thoughtful approach. This method considers the climate, topography, soils and a sense of place resulting in the idea that smart site + variety matching = delicious drinking.

The group of producers and advocates behind 21st Century Vino are a diverse and passionate bunch. Their focus is on quality Australian wines made from Italian varieties. 21st Century Vino activities encourage market and consumer awareness through informative and engaging educational events and tastings.

‘At first I was driven by curiosity to see how Italian varieties are doing in Australia. But after having tasted the results it became abundantly clear to me: these varieties have found a new home and, more than that, are expressing their origin in a completely unique, transparent way. 21st Century Vino tracks these exciting developments in 3 seminars, while a free pour tasting of more than 50 wines shows the relevance of Italian varieties in Australia.’
-Walter Speller, 2015

The 21st Century Vino concept was dreamed up by Chalmers to bring together their extensive network of growers and producers. They’re very proud to be taking it to the world stage along with the passionate and enthusiastic Walter Speller and Jane Faulkner, both experts in their field of wine journalism with a bent toward Italy.