Brash Higgins 2012 ‘BLOOM’


The 2012 BLOOM, our second incarnation since the original 2008 version, is a slowly aged white wine made in a style inspired by the veil, or “under-the-veil”, oxidative methods found in France’s Jura and Burgundy region. Here, McLaren Vale Chardonnay from the sandy Blewitt Springs sub-region has been matured for six and a half years in selected white Burgundy barrels (2), periodically adding some fresh white wine to feed the ‘flor’ (flower) or (veil) growing as a natural, healthy protective barrier on the wine’s surface. The last two years the barrels were turned on their side to prevent any tampering (mainly to keep the winemaker from drinking it) and to completely seal the bung air tight. No topping was done during this final ageing period. We aged the bottled wine an additional 8 months in our cold cellar.

Only 46 cases of this dry, quixotic white wine were produced. One Bottle Limit per order. 700ml bottle.

“Amber in hue, the wine’s nose is redolent of honey, toffee apples even whiffs of Springbank whisky come to mind. Focused entry with balanced palate weight, the wine tightens as it flows across the tongue to the back of the mouth. 2012 BLOOM has lively acidity which dials up the wine’s briny/salty complexity, iodine/peaty twang and gently nutty finish that rolls.” – Brad Hickey, Vinitor, 01 April 2019.


Additional information
Sub-region: Blewitt Springs
Geology: North Maslin Sands over ironstone
Altitude: 250 metres above sea level
Time in oak: 6.5 years
Oak origin: French, 2 white Burgundy barrels
Oak age: Blend of different ages
Bottling date August 20, 2018
Closure: Natural cork, each one tested by dry soak analysis. Method discussed here Dry Soak Method
100% McLaren Vale Chardonnay
pH 3.2, TA 7.5 g/l, Alc 14.5%

46 cases-700ml bottle

Price: $105 per bottle

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