Brash Higgins 2022 “ZBO/ZIBEERBO” Twin Pack

Summer in a glass.  This is the 5th release of the mouth watering “Zibeerbo”; a collaboration with our longtime friends at Wildflower Brewing in Sydney. After meeting at the early Rootstock festival in Sydney back in 2015, Topher Boehm, founder of Wildflower, and I got to talking. He is a curious man and loved the hoppy aromatics of our ZBO wine at the fair. It didn’t take long until a plan was  hatched!
After 6 months of fermenting and ageing with our zibibbo wine in amphora at HQ, we send the brewery our pressed “ZBO” zibibbo skins the next day. Once the aromatic skins arrive safely at the brewery, they are macerated with Wildflower’s young golden ale for a month. Then it’s bottle ageing time for 7 months and voila, we have something else delicious to drink. Fascinating to try the beer and wine side by side. Both wine and beer show their best when decanted off sediment and served at 10-12 degrees Celsius.

Tasting note from Topher Boehm, the brewer:  “Huge aromas, candied citrus, apricots and melon dominate the nose. There’s spice, orange peel and a nutty savoury element alongside a funky edge. Broader and fuller than previous blends. There’s a soft gentle acidity that runs the palate. The fruit expression is stonefruit and skinsy spice but still has amazing length and finishes with a vinous citrus acidity.”

This is an offer to try the beer and wine in the same pack. No subs allowed. We only have 12 x 750ml bottles of this year’s “Zibeerbo” at HQ in tandem with the 2022 Brash “ZBO” Zibibbo available.  Get in while supplies last, as a very cool blind tasting for wine night with friends is sure to follow… BH

$59 for the pair. Three pack limit.

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