Brash Higgins Summer Six 24


Winery direct purchase only. Six wines selected by BH to keep you hydrated during the warmer months. The Cinsault ’22 is the best yet, bit more power than the 21. We are predicting this will be the year that Cinsault blows up on the Aussie stage; a grape with true star power. Watch for plenty of winemakers making solo versions this year and beyond. And there is a new FRNC site for us, 4 rows of Cab Franc planted in the 90’s in the sand dunes up along a high ridge prior to Blewitt Springs. And to top it all off, we’ve included a guest white wine in the mix by Harrison Wines in the Vale. Adelaide legend, Riley Harrison, makes thrilling wines and his SOL BLANCO shows his flair; Roussanne and Grenache Blanc at their best, textural with subtle white fruits, like licking pears, and cool earthy, nutty, sake vibes. We’ve also included our newest Chenin and lighter aromatic red Ripple in the mix. These are all in our new lightweight Aussie bottles, as well. This is a good one, don’t miss it.

$185 for the Summer Six–while the wines last

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