Today was a day to get up and look around at my new surroundings. It began with a walk through the brown Adelaide Hills, admiring the golden grass, hard packed dry earth, and a few spectacular dead Eucalyptus trees (called gum trees). Rachel described the calcified trees by saying they looked as if they were formed from concrete molds, since they were grey, petrified and the trunks were cracking. I still think they look like bones. Their branch structures looked in hi def in contrast to the deep blue sky and illuminated by that bright bright sunlight. I’ve seen that kind of light out in the Hamptons in Summer, on the Greek island of Monemvasia and Santa Fe. Alberto called the area “the graveyard” and rightfully so. It’s amazing anything can grow without any water, but things do. It’s harsh terrain. Not a grape in sight so far. Spike_plant_2

Lunch came with anticipation, and it was had in downtown Adelaide at ETC which supplied us with a good salad sandwich combo. Apparently they don’t dole out a lot of bread and butter here in SA. Etc_table_7

Afternoon was spent learning how to drive on the left hand side of the road. The key is to keep yourself in the center of the road, the steering wheel is on the right. A couple close calls, but if you have a brain, here’s a good place to use it. Don’t expect any mercy from the Adelaidians, they love to honk and ride your ass. Things seem backwards down here. Whole weather systems spin in reverse.
Went shopping downtown for a charcoal chimney to start the Weber. Apparently there isn’t one in Oz. Aussie’s love the gas grills. Ease of operation is key. You can also get Jim Beam and cola in a can. Convenience in a can. Got my first Rossi boots, a legendary vineyard boot. Time to tear it up and get into the wine country.