Brash Higgins NYMPH 2 PACK


Artist Martine Emdur’s work has been adorning the BH Nymph rose for 7 years now. With the onset of real Summer days and Martine’s involvement in the “Beauty runs the Gauntlet” show at Sydney’s Bondi Pavilion 2 Feb-17 March, we decided to feature two Nymphs featuring Martine Emdur’s work. We’ve always loved her underwater artwork, being Bondi based it feels so Australian, light filled, colourful and carefree. We were lucky she agreed to let us use her work back in 2017, and every year we change the Nymph to something new of hers.

The 2021 and 23 vintages on offer here, are both drinking great now. The ’21 being the drier of the two. Both using carignan grapes, the ’21 half cinsault and the ’23 uses half mataro.

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The two-pack is $50. Buy four for free freight.

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